Make Sure The Closing Process Is A Success

Whether it's your first time through the residential real estate closing process or what you believe to be your last, the complications of a closing can be daunting. Mistakes or errors during this process can become problems that take months or years to resolve and may cost you thousands of additional dollars. Issues with a closing could ruin your deal or create far too much additional stress. Our attorney at J. Kuo Law P.C. works to ensure you understand the closing and that it is a success.

Closing On A Home Is Complex

During the closing, a lot of things happen. You acquire the home and, typically, the mortgage that allows you to buy the home. There are dozens of pages of documents that cover your costs; governmental disclosure documents; itemizations of the financing; statements of your monthly payments for the mortgage; the actual promissory note that represents the money you are borrowing; and the mortgage that creates the security interest in the home for the note.

There are also many documents involving the real estate itself, like the warranty deed, disclosure forms, how taxes and utilities are to be paid between the buyer and seller, other tax receipts, other acknowledgments, and the title search or abstract.

We Help You Understand Every Step Of The Process

You should understand what each of these documents means, as they create legal obligations that can cost you your home if you fail to comply with their terms. Our attorney can help you with all of the documents and explain how they all fit together and function.

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