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At the J. Kuo Law P.C., we can help you with your real estate transactions in Illinois. If you are like most people, then buying a home is the most expensive purchase you will make and mortgage payments will be an important aspect of your finances for the next 30 or more years.

Do You Know What You Are Signing?

Making certain everything proceeds smoothly and is done properly at your closing is critical. Our attorney will review all of your documents and help to ensure that all the elements of your closing are accurate. Real estate agents are not attorneys and they focus on the sale. Working with an attorney can give you the peace of mind that the deal you think you are getting is actually the deal you are receiving.

Real Estate Transactions Are Complex

During a closing, you will be signing what may seem like a blizzard of paperwork. Multipage documents where you will sign initial sections or clauses often in such a rush that you may not fully understand exactly what you are signing. This can later cause problems, if something is incorrect or if there are difficulties with the paperwork or property.

Affordable Real Estate Closings From $199

Expensive repairs to property or unpleasant "surprises" that may not have been adequately disclosed may be forced upon you because you did not realize what a document said or understood all the terms of the deal. Our attorney prevents this from happening, with cost-effective, affordable closing services. We review all the relevant material and explain each part of the real estate transaction and what it means.

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